October 6, 2011

Vintage Finds

Bread box on left, inlaid gold tray,  pewter tray, candlesticks, small table, planter, picture, and leather hobo handbags.
I live close to a goodwill thrift shop. For a lover of thrift shops as myself, that may be either a good thing or bad. Sometimes I'll be looking for a particular item and not find it. For instance the bread box. For months I searched for a wooden bread box because my vintage ceramic one shattered to pieces. I searched department stores, bed, linen and kitchen shops and even online for something that wouldn't break. Well, eventually I found a metal cobalt blue one online. The price was good and of course the color was perfect with all "my blue" stuff. I call cobalt "my blue" because when I started collecting cobalt blue glass many years ago the name stuck.

Well, I go into the thrift store just to check out an item for someone and needless, to say, there's the bread box. I already have my blue one, but how can I pass this one up? I purchased it to re-purpose it as a cookbook holder. It will get lovingly repainted. The results will follow. 

Now someone that loves thrift stores has no business dallying around in one. One is bound to find tons of stuff one wants. Not needs, wants. Well I ended up buying some wonderful stuff. I can always convince myself I need to move things around the "casita" a little. Yes, put some away and bring out the "new" old stuff. That'll work!

For those that like "a find", happy hunting!

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