September 28, 2011

Fall Is In the Air

I cannot believe that I just totally deleted everything I wrote. It's in cyberspace somewhere. I cannot find a way to retrieve it. I will not attempt to keep trying. That muse will not be back.
In any case as I said before in my now non existing post, I love Fall. I can sit outside in my front door patio I call "El Frente" (The Front). It's a small space, but nevertheless, it contains at least 21 species of plants, including the herbs for cooking. Not that I use them. I just grow them. Ok, ok sometimes I use them. Right now the cilantro and oregano have dried out. They got water logged from so much rain this past month. The parsley is thriving though. And the lavender! Oh, the lavender! I can smell the fragrant perfume of the plant from the other side of the patio! Next year I'll plant only lavender. Which means I have to pull out all the other perennials from the window boxes and other planters. HMMM, do I want to do that? We shall see.
The joy of Fall doesn't come without work though. I have to keep sweeping the falling leaves all the time. The neighborhood trees drop their leaves and they end up in my "Frente". The house is situated on some kind of "windpool". Is that a word? Well anyhow, Fall is in the air, which means 'ole man winter will soon show his cold, icy claws.  So I'll enjoy my coffee and croissant "en el frente" as long as I can. For now.
The hydrangea is already changing colors.

My bistro style mornings.

City heat.
My goodness I just wrote this blog twice! I think I like the second one best after all. Even though I was truly inspired in the first. Oh well....

May you all have a great day!

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