September 26, 2011

.....and The Work Goes On!

Several years ago I bought this small townhouse in a borough of New York City. Although it was a fixer upper, I could see the potential. I didn't plan to live here long,  my idea was to get a small cottage in the woods somewhere when I retired. Sure, as the best laid out plans usually go, that one went down the drain. Luckily the pros outdid the cons, especially the price and proximity to "the city". Having a beach nearby doesn't hurt. It didn't take much convincing to stay here after all.
It's a small place so there's no room for large display units or extra furniture. I had to get creative. Recently, I decided to use  vertical space to expand a wall. I wanted to have a china display unit but it couldn't be very deep. The only space I found was the stairwell. It was a big space gone to waste! Deep enough to hold my plate collection. I planned it out and my older son, Edgar, took it on. His second attempt at DIYing. His first was the wall and door adjoining the plate rack, which included installing a new water heater. At first he protested and said it couldn't be done. Well, patience, perseverance and my vision helped him to create it. I didn't want anything fancy. A simple farmhouse style rack would do. I like the country farmhouse look. So here it starts, little by little and a big fat mess to clean up later, it was done. Here it is!

An extension to wall was added, along with folding doors for easier access to laundry room.
Originally I had a small butcher block table top over a console I found at a thrift store (as seen above) as my dining table.  I've had several dining room tables through the years. It looks like the one I have now isn't working for me either. I'll end up constructing my own, you'll see.
I knocked down the stairwell half wall with plans to create an under the stairs storage with shelving I had in my attic. Well that plan went out the window. I had an old cabinet I had bought years ago at a flea market and decided to fit it to the space instead.
After knocking down half wall.
Vintage '50's cabinet was fitted under stairs.
Testing lattice boards.
Painted with Louis Blue Chalk paint, Old White distressing and clear paste wax.
Plate rack has been secured and almost completed. 
Completed plate rack wall and closet doors. 
My son has done a great job and I'm lovin' my new plate rack! Next case!!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. What a terrific project and so sweet of your son!
    Thank you for for sharing at Potpourri Friday. I wish you a healthy, prosperous and sparkling New Year!