September 25, 2011

Before Wall Redo

Well good afternoon whomever reads this . I don't know that anyone is, but I like doing it anyway and that counts. Since my camera is broken I don't have a proper picture to put up on what I've done so far. The picture above shows the wall that needed to be extended. As the space is so small I want to use a mirror on the wall that had the " Bistro" sign. I have a large french style mirror I'd like to use but the wall is too small. In another picture I'll show what my son did to extend it. It was no fun cleaning up the mess, believe me!
I  found these two chairs outside where a neighbor had trashed them. After repairs and re-staining they're as good as new. They're just waiting for new rush seats and cushions.
This small butcher block table is gone. I replaced it with a round glass table top and base. The glass works in small spaces because it is transparent and doesn't seem to clutter the space up.
Back to work I go! Have a wonderful day doing what you love to do!!


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