October 7, 2011

Repurposing A Vintage Dresser Re - Do

 It seems that everyone's in on it. Blogs and blogs about re-painted furniture, vintage and shabby chic decor.

Dresser with stripper applied with a brush. I followed instructions on can and made sure to wear gloves. Sorry for the photo quality. It's a photocopy.

Dresser after stripping, light sanding and cleaning. Tack cloth also used for dust residue.

  French style dresser, bought at a charity thrift store, now holds a flat screen TV. 
I have been painting and re-painting furniture for years using various methods. I must say I find painting and sanding down to distress in certain areas is the easiest for me. I also love the look of Annie Sloans's Chalk Paint with the wax in different shades.
  I used the first method on this dresser and up close and personal, I like how it turned out. I first stripped it and after painting white,sanded it lightly and distressed it with sandpaper in varying grits. I left the top natural and used clear paste wax for protection.

I like the shabby, chippy look.
 It is now being used as a media cabinet and storage for DVD's, CD's and all  other electronic paraphernalia one needs to store.
A drawer was removed for cable box.
 This is my contribution to the craze for now, even though I've been doing it for so long. Too bad I didn't take photos of all I've done through the years. I'd fill a whole scrapbook! Uh, memory card.
Happy painting!