November 20, 2011

Market In the City

Fruits ..........

...........and Veggies.

 On any given week-end in New York one will find crowds flocking to every kind of shopping outlet in the city. Scores of people find their way to the more known and frequented stores around.

Cheese and more cheese!

Chocolate treats, yummy!

However, in spite of what TV shows and the movies portray,  it's not all about high end or expensive gourmet stores. The city also offers a variety of  markets that offer fresh produce to it's city dwellers and visitors.  Many markets can be found around the city and in outer- lying neighborhoods with top quality items at reasonable prices.

Pasta and Pesto

Coffee, hmmmm, I can smell it brewing!

The Graybar Building, adjacent to Grand Central Terminal, is home to one of these markets. It offers a large variety of everything from baked goods, sweets, meats and poultry, to seafood and caviar. So tempting!

I truly had to refrain from giving in to my sweet tooth at the chocolate shop. No can do, doctor's orders! So I blog about it, that should give me some satisfaction. No? Oh well..................!

Enjoy your week!

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  1. I love markets, there's something exciting about them. Browsing from stand to stand, touching and smelling everything. Never been NY, maybe one day I will. Wishing you a Happy thanksgiving. Thanks so much for sharing at Sunday's Best!