October 21, 2011

Life Has No Pause Button

Boy, it seems I haven't blogged recently. I've been what I like to call, trekking the net, since sometimes it seems like such a long stretch on the computer. 
Plus, personal reasons have kept me away. I need a whole new blog for that one. Sometimes I'd like to put something down in writing but think, what's the point? Who's going to read it and if they do what will it accomplish? It's all been said before hasn't it? If someone hasn't heard it, will it change anything? I don't think so.
Nah, I just blab away for the fun of it. I like to see my words in cyberspace somewhere. Kinda like sharing your essence. Something like that. 
For now I have to take a pause, a break, time off, respite. Whatever you want to call it. Without going into the details, I need to get tweaked. 
In the meantime, between pauses I've been working on my wall. It sure has taken a long time let me tell you. Hopefully this week-end before I go in for tweaking on Wednesday, it'll get finished. Yay

My Wall In the Works
This wall was extended by about 20 inches in cedar wood. To be painted.

This is the stair wall. A rustic farmhouse style plate rack is being made and under stairs storage from a thrift store, vintage  RCA Victor cabinet.

This door was switched up from a swing open door, to a curtain, to this bi-fold. The bi-fold doesn't take up space when opened. 

 Stay tuned for the reveal!

 Have a great day and week!


  1. I agree...You are busy i can tell :)
    Have a super week!

  2. I love the idea of the plate rack! This is going to be stunning, I can tell. Thanks for visiting MY stair project!