October 30, 2011

First Frost

No napping on bench today! 
Well, it's here! The first Northeastern snowfall. Here in New York City wet snow graced us with her icy splendor. It's funny how beautiful icy, glassy, crystalline snow can look on some things and how dangerous it can be.

October 29, 2011, first snowfall in New York City. Better bring that parsley in!
Wet snow is very slippery and one should tread with caution when trekking around the city. This Saturday week - end we had a little wet snow fall. The first of the new season. Snow in autumn is no fun! I'm not ready for it!

I hope you enjoy your week end, wherever you are. Snow or no snow.

1 comment:

  1. Preciosas esa primeras nieves del año. En España todavía nos queda un poco para la llegada del frío.

    Un abrazo fuerte y gracias por la visita