September 23, 2011

Up It Goes!

Today it's raining here in New York. It looks gloomy and grey. However, the show must go on! I have too  much to do to sit around feeling droopy. I might do that later, when I get tired.
As I had said earlier,  we have built a wall extension to the kitchen area of my tiny "casita". It is made of wood planks and will get painted with a white washed effect. I'm thinking of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Old White. The plate rack will be going up this week-end, more to follow on that.  The under stairs storage is also coming along. I had purchased an old  "RCA Victrola"   TV cabinet in a flea market years ago, painted it with ASCP and will have new storage area under the stairs! It is painted  in ASCP Louis Blue with clear paste wax. The distressing effect is Minwax Wiping Stain and Finish. I just mixed it with the paste and wiped on. We're still working on that.
The new doors to the utility closet are up. It was no easy task as we had to put in a new water heater during all the construction. Did I say construction? Yes, my tiny dining, living, kitchen space looked like a mini consrtuction site!  Of course, I demolished a small wall to create the storage space. I destroy, my son builds up. Knocking down walls is such fun. This is my third!
To create under stairs storage, I knocked down the lower part of wall. Such fun!

This is the framing for the extension of wall. Not permanently up yet. 

Adding one plank at a time! Good job Edgar!

Old RCA Victor cabinet I bought at a flea market a thousand years ago! Well, seems like anyway....
Sneak preview of wall.

Can't decide between A.S. Old White or Louis Blue.

As I said the show must go on, so gotta go break a leg! Figuratively speaking of course.Come back for more!

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  1. I'm your newest Linky Follower. Enjoyed seeing all of your projects!